It's a conspiracy, I swear. 
    I don't know what exactly I have done in my rather short lifetime to create this rocky relationship between technology and I, but something had clearly happened along the road to cause us to but heads. Well, okay. 
    Maybe I have a slight idea. 
    I didn't mean to drop that camera in the creek! And maybe blow drying it afterwards wasn't the smartest idea, but how was I supposed to know that the insides were going to melt? And I only lost it on that microwave because it wasn't working the way it should of. To be fair, I didn't know how to use the thing and it later turned out that the "piece of crap" I ended up throwing across the room was subject to user error. But still.
I don't deserve to be at war with technology. 
    For example. The server went down a few days ago, which wasn't much of a problem because my computer was the only one that didn't screw up. However, when I had to print out a very important piece of work, a la stupida computidora decided to call it a day and stop working for me. 
    And then when I tried to toast two pieces of bread so I could have a deliciously crunchy sandwich, the toaster decided to leave one piece untouched and to subject the other one to cremation. I mean, it could have at least had the decency to keep innocent pieces of bread out of it. Come on now.
And then when I want to email some photos to my friend, my very idiotic PC thought it'd be a smart trick to screw me up. After 15 desperate attempts, I finally got the photos sent. Of course, with my luck, they were upside down. 
    After my many failed attempts at technology, I have decided to throw a wildcard into the game. As far as I know, though I may be on the bad side of PC's, I still may have a chance with MacBooks. That's right. I'm going from Dell to Apple as soon as possible. 
    Of course, knowing my procrastinating, multitasking, broke self, that will probably take a matter of months or even years. Oh we'll. A girl can dream, right? For now, though, I must still face the unfortunate reality of my war with technology.
    And it doesn't look like its gonna end any time soon.

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