First of all, Happy Halloween. I hope that anyone who is loyal/committed enough to follow this blog is also going to get loads of candy, compliments on their outfits, and things that would not fall in the "trick" of trick or treat. As for all of the comment.
    I was just joking. I hope that everyone has a happy halloween. 
    Anyway...I must say that I was having a total fight with myself about what to make this post about. The nostalgic side of me wanted to go over all of the amusing Halloween moments I had as a kid, and the I-want-to-get-views-for-this-site side of me wanted to wrtie a ghost story about One Direction or something that would make people flock to this place like bees to honey.
    Finally, with both of my sides tired out, my third side, which is the hey-look-I-actually-have-common-sense side that I don't use too often came to light. It told me, "Why not talk about Halloween this year? I mean, it can't be half bad. Not to mention that it's both current and true, unlike any stories about the past or the Ghosts of One Direction."
    I should honestly use that third side a lot more. So that is exactly what I'm going to do for you all. This post is going to be all about the happenings of today, which would usually be pretty boring had today not fallen on All Hallows Eve.
    *Cue Spooky Music*
    Moving on. A few weeks before, I decided that even if some might think I might be getting a bit old for this costume/candy thing, I was still going to follow through on it. Heck, I'll do anything for free candy, even if it means lying to the people at the door that I'm a six year old with a growth disorder. After coming to this conclusion, I started surfing the internet for costumes.
    A while earlier, one of my friends had joked to me about being a piano for Halloween. "I offense, but you're obsessed with it." It's true. I think if I gush about Bach or Toccata in D Minor one more time, I may be at risk of getting my head lopped off. Though she was totally kidding, I began to wonder. What if there is such thing as a piano costume out there?
    After many tedious hours of searching on bogus sites and running into virus filled pop ups, I finally struck gold. The minute I saw the words "piano dress", "in stock", and "one size fits all", I hit the buy button before there was a second thought. I switched the computer off, exhausted but proud of my accomplishment, and decided to call it a day.
    Boy, did I get a surprise when it came in the mail.
    The first thing I noticed when I pulled the dress out was that it was a heck of a lot smaller than I thought it would be. Now, I'm not fat or anything, but that thing was skimpy. To complete the look, a cheap headband with a foam music note was attatched to it. Taking a deep breath, I crossed my fingers and tried on the ensemble.
    Oh lord. The dress was form fitting, low cut, and had an open back corset. I closed my eyes as I imagined Beethoven shaking his head at me. The worst part, though, was the headband. It looked like I had a music note literally growing out of my head. Great. Not only did I look like a stripper, I was about to committ social suicide. I fingered the keyboard trim nervously as I tried to figure out what to do.
    But I was not going to give up without a fight. I threw on a black shirt and leggings under it and re-tried the dress on. There. Now I looked somewhat modest. In my excitement that this might actually work, I shook the headband around. Of course, the music note fell off. Oops. I stared at it for a minute, but then realized that without that weird music note, my costume just looked...better. Something that I would actually wear.
    I completed it with hot pink lipstick and was off.
    My piano outfit was pretty well recieved. Though I may be getting old for this stuff, the compliments still came flying in.
    "Wow, how original!"
    "That's great! Totally you!"
    Of course, there were always critics.
    "Yeah, like I would ever wear something that skimpy out."
    And jerks.
    "Haha, you look like you just got belched out of a music factory!"
    And just plain idiots.
    "Oh! I know what you're supposed to be! Frank Sinatra! was that composer who wrote the Moonlight song? Was it...Be...Be...Beatrice! That Beatrice lady!" I walked away from that conversation, to say the least.
    And to think that I was worried about losing Halloween to age. Nope, I'm still going as strong as ever. And I'm not planning on stopping anytime soon.         

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