Okay, first of all, let me clarify my first worst nightmare. The thing that I would absolutely dread to happen is if Evanescence, my favorite band, were to break up. Just be done. Over. Gone. Their music has helped me through so much. I can't even explain it.
    And now they're taking another break.
    I honestly wanted to ram my head into the nearest wall when I found out that after their (very successful) 2012 tour of their 2011 self titled album release Amy Lee announced that she and the gang were having cool down time. I mean, honestly? Their last break was 5 years long. 5 years. All I can say about this is that this next album had better blow me out of the water.
    Good God, I don't understand why of all bands my favorite one needs chill time so much lately. Though it kills me to say this, I would rather they leave the industry right now with all of this great material than keep taking breaks and stuff. It's just not fair to the fans. 

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